Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Help find the animal abusers

WATCH THE VIDEO ( Viewer discretion advised) 

We recently watched a disturbing video of a woman ( hugely overweight woman) riding a tiny miniature pony who clear was exhausted from carrying her weight. She continued to ride him and when he finally crumbled under the weight of this woman she sat there on top of him smoking a cigarette. 

As we understand it this excuse of a human being is situated in the Netherlands. With her also another idiot of a woman is seen doing the same.

Please, help us find the animals abusers, they must not be allowed to get away with the cruelty they are deliberately inflicting on these poor animals.

Please share far and wide and ask others to do the same.
if you recognise either of the women, please contact us as soon as possible. Someone out there knows who these people are, lets find that person and bring these two abusers to justice.


  1. Hi,

    Are you sure they are from the Netherlands, I also saw a video with a title written in Russian. I have shared this in The Netherlands.

  2. Diana bijer ik heb het filmpje gezien dat was echt een nederlander.

  3. This video is quite under attention in the Netherlands, national press is giving it attention, the police are looking for her. At 22.30 local time the show 'hart van Nederland' will have a special item about it. A quite known forum about horses ( has given it a lot of attention, and users informed a great deal of the media, the animal police and more.

  4. typo?

    Help us find the animal abuser of miniature `pomies`
    What are pomies, ponies?